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Costa Rica Surf Camp Ph + (506) 2787-0393. E-mail: Next to El Coco Restaurant, Dominical, Puntarenas, Costa Rica. Offers surf lessons and surf tours to beginners, intermediates, and advanced surfers of all ages. Costa Rica Surf Camp is based in Playa Dominical, in the south west of Costa Rica. Playa Dominical is famous for surfing because it offers endless waves to surfers of all levels.

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It’s all about having fun 😎.📍 Playa Linda. #discoverdominical#dominical #playadominical #costarica #costaricasurf #costaricasurfcamp #gosurf #surflesson #paradise #surfer #surf

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Green Iguana Surf Camp Ph + (506) 2787-0157. Ph + (506) 8629-6013. Experienced surfers Jason and Karla Butler, we offer surf, paddle boarding, kayaking, river tubing, hiking and waterfall adventure packages. Offer surf lessons and camping for between seven and ten days. It provides lodging for tourists of different budgets. Packages: all the prices a person per day with ventilator for 1, 2, 3 people: 6 nights and 7 days 835/ 525/ 395 US$, 9 nights and 10 days 1,075/ 615/ 445 US$/ 13 nights and 14 days 1,355/ 810/ 585 US$. Packages: all the prices a person per day with conditioned air for 1, 2, 3 people: 6 nights and 7 days 920/ 565/ 455 US$, 9 nights and 10 days 1,185/ 690/ 525 US$/ 13 nights and 14 days 1,515/ 890/ 655 US$. Children under 12 years old 10 % discount. The packages of seven include five lessons of surf, ten days include seven lessons and the fourteen days include ten lessons. Includes the lodging in the Hotel DiuWak, daily transport to local beaches and the waves, registration in the surf school of GISC’S, limitless use of all the surfboards, boogie boards, a trip to the waterfalls of the Pozo Azul, a long walk in the natural sea caves of Ventanas Beach and transport from the airport to GISC’S and return of your final stay.

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This is just a bit of what we are about? The rest you can find out in your vacation!

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Las Rocas Marea Alta Ph + (506) 2787-0480. Ph + (506) 8606-5118. Ph + (506) 8521-0459 E-mail: Located just outside Playa Dominical, on the Central Pacific Coast in Costa Rica, is the beautiful Las Rocas de Amancio, from here the Las Rocas Marea Alta crew, provide a full service for SPORT FISHING – FISHING TOURS / BOAT TOURS / WATER SPORTS, for full day, half day or by the hour. They also custom tailor tours for families and groups who would like to fish, snorkel and just see the amazing coastline, whales, dolphins, turtles and have fun out on the water. Our experienced and knowledgeable local crew will make sure you have the enjoyable tour you’ve been hoping to find and experience! 

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Ashley catching a nice Mackeral.

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Nauyaca Waterfalls / Cataratas Nauyaca Ph + (506) 2787-0541. E-mail: Nauyaca Waterfalls is a totally Costa Rican owned family tourism company, dedicated for several years to tour operations. These are horseback riding tours, traveling through the farm that border with two impressive waterfalls from Río Barucito. These majestic waterfalls are one of the main attractions of the southern region in Costa Rica, not only for their natural scenic beauty, which offers the tourist moments of recreation and fun, but also to participate in different activities such as horseback riding tours, swimming, climbing, jumping and to observe much of the beauty of the tropical rainforest, among others. Nauyaca Waterfalls is the ideal place, not only for those in search of tranquility and nature, but also for adventure and excitement lovers.

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29/01/17 Nauyaca

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Southern Expeditions Ph (506) 2787-0100. E-mail: Located at the entrance, offering day excursions to Caño Island for scuba diving in the Corcovado National Park, Manuel Antonio National Park, kayaking along the Rió blanco or the Gran río Térraba, ½ day excursions kayaking, snorkeling and to the caverns of the Bahía Ballena, there is also bird watching, visit to Hacienda baru, walks, rafting, the Wilson Botanical garden and indigenous reserves.  NEWS: Upcoming Special Corcovado Tours, Mangrove Jungle Night Tour, Kayak-Snorkel-Mangrove Tour at Marino Ballena, Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica, Shuttle Sierpe to Drake & San Josecito Beach, Southern Costa Rica.

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Grandioso encuentro de las ballenas Jorobadas en PN Marino Ballena…Excelente día!!!

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AEC Spanish Institute of Costa Rica Ph (506) 2787-0023. Ph 209-728-8344.E-mail: Our Dominical campus is located in the rural beach town of Playa Dominical, on Costa Rica’s amazingly beautiful Central Pacific coastline. This is a surfer’s paradise the most consistent waves in all of Central America. This is the real Costa Rica with no high rise apartments or big name hotels. Instead you will find long sections of stunning coastline in a lush tropical paradise. The AEC programs offered here provide unique “study the language and explore the land” experience. Never surfed before, take our Surf and Spanish class and enter a whole new world of discovery.

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Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary Ph + (506) 8609-5363. E-mail: We Rescue, Rehabilitate and Release the abandoned, injured, or over domesticated precious animals of Costa Rica! If you love animals, come check us out. You will have an opportunity to learn about and help animals you would likely not have the opportunity to encounter in the wild. As a non profit organization, we think its important for you to know that 100% of your donation is going to feed, care for, give veterinary care, improve habitats and so much more. One of biggest passions other than rescuing, is educating our youth. We have a learning center where school children can come and learn why they should care, how they can protect and to spread the word. There are so many ways you can help and here are a few: monetary donation of any amount, supplies, food, your time, your skills, your love! Please contact us for more details and reservations!

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This one of the best known beaches in Costa Rica, since it has a great variety of waves, very ample ones and in just one beach. For example, you can surf waves of different kinds such as: hollow, tubular and fast ones in low tide, or good and long rides during high tide. The wave is clean and open, with an excellent form. Access: By land. Tide: High or low. Swells: South, Northwest. Bottom: Sand. Feet:2 to 10. Season: All year. Stars: 4.


This beach is recommended for beginners and intermediate surfers, due to its general small waves, with good peaks left and right all along the beach. Access: By land. Tide: From medium to high. Swells: South, Northwest. Bottom: Sand. Feet: 2 to 4. Season: All year. Stars: 2.


This is a left point, with a long and good ride. This wave is very strong and is not recommended for beginners. Access: By land. Tide:Low to medium. Swells: South. Bottom: Rock. Feet: 2 to10. Season: All year. Stars: 3.


This is a right point that breaks from a rock and around toward the beach with a sand bottom. It is a smooth beach break wave. This beach is long with an approximate length of 22 kilometers. Access: By land. Tide: Medium and up coming. Swells: Northwest. Bottom:Sand. Feet: 2 to 8. Season: all year. Stars: 3.