Located 5 meters above sea level, 167 km from San José, 70 km from Jaco and 7 km from the Manuel Antonio National Park. It was an important port for bananna exportation separated by just 7 kilometers from the famous Manuel Antonio National Park. There is a regular bus service that travels between these two places and the city has an acceptable offer of hotels, restaurants, shops, bars and discos. Quepos has preserved some of the air of a fishing and banana city from the old Costa Rica. It is said that the first mission in Costa Rica settled here in 1570. It was abandoned by the last inhabitants in 1751, today you can still visit the ruins, located up river from Río Naranjo. Its name is taken from the tribe of Quepoa Indians, a sub group pf Borucas that inhabited the area during the times of the conquest. The number of people from Quepos decreased because of the illnesses that came from Europe, from the soilders and other groups of indigenous people, and also because they were sold as slaves. At the end of the XIX century there were no longer any orignal people from Quepos “puro”, and the area began to be occupied by farmers.


Banco Nacional Ph + (506) 2777-0113, can be found in front of the fire station, opening hours are from Monday to Friday 08:30 a.m to 03:45 p.m., both have ATM’s

Banco Popular Ph +  (506) 2777-0344, from the central market the bank is  50 meters North and 50 meters East, opening times are from Monday to Friday 08:15 a.m to 03:30 p.m. Saturday from 08:15 a.m to 11:30 a.m with ATM’s, an ATM is also located at the entrance of the Manuel Antonio Park in the restaurant Café de Mar, Ph +  (506) 2777-0285, opening hours from 08:30 a.m to 03:30 p.m, it has two ATM’s,

Banco de San José Ph +  (506) 2777-0781, can be found in the centre of Quepos, opening hours are from 08:00 a.m to 05:00 p.m. and Saturday from 08:00 a.m to 12:00 m.d, and it has an ATM.

Banco Promerica Ph +  (506) 2777-3540. Can be found on the main road on the left hand side in the Centro Comercial Manuel Antonio, close to the football pitch. Opening hours are from Monday to Friday 09:00 a.m a 05:00 p.m. and Saturday from 09:00 a.m. a 01:00 p.m. It has an ATM


Hospital Doctor Max Terán V Ph + (506) 2777-0922, Ph + (506) 2777-1398, Ph +  (506) 2777-0020, with accident and emergency attention, can be found on the south coast on the way to the airport and the Cruz Roja Ph +  (506) 2777-0118.


Lynch Tourist Service Ph +  (506) 2777-0161/ 2777-1170, Ph +  (506) 2777-1571. E-mail: lyntur@racsa.co.cr www.lynchtravel.com. Currency Exchange, reservations to any part of the country and the sale of international plane tickets.

Sports fishing

It is good during the months of December to April and is the best for catching sail fish, as well as sword fish, dorados, lemon and yellow finned tuna. You can also scuba dive and go snorkeling. A boat for a whole day can cost between 450 and 1.200 US$, depending on the size, the speed and the experience of the capitan, including meals, drinks and fishing equipment and bait. The bar and restaurant Gran Escape, is a meeting point for many fishers.

Fishing Circuits

Costa Mar Dream Catcher Ph + (506) 2777-0593. Located in the center of the village next to Café milagro. Sports fishing excursions, ½  day from 07:00 a.m to 12:00 m.d/ an 8 hour day, from 450 US$ to 1.000 US$ depending on the boat, including fruit, beer, water, lunch and snacks.

Bluefin Sportfishing Charters & Tours Ph +  (506) 2777-1676/ 2777-0674. Ph + (506) 8398-2222. E-mail: bluefin@racsa.co.cr www.bluefinsportfishing.com. Located opposite the Post Office. With 11 years’ experience offering a high quality service. Bluefin I excursion 1 to 4 people off-shore prices ½ day 480 US$ 4 hours, a day 650 US$ 8 hours, in-shore 20 US$ less / bluefin ll for 5 people off-shore prices ½ day 510 US$ 4 hours, a day 750 US$ 8 hours in-shore 20 US$ less/ bluefin lll for 6 people off-shore prices ½ day 705 US$ 4 hours, a day 880 US$ 8 hours in-shore 20 US$ less, ½ day trips include, a soft drink, fruit, water, ice, beer and all the equipment, lunch is 5 US$ extra. The day includes: lunch, soft drink, fruit, water, ice, beer and all the equipment.

Luna Tours Ph + (506) 2777-0725. E-mail: lunatour@racsa.co.cr / www.lunatours.net. Located next to the Best Western hotel. Fishing Excursions on 27 foot boat 625/ 675 US$, 32 foot boat 700/ 800 US$ and a 33 foot boat 800/ 900 US$ prices from ½ day and all day. Also organizing rafting, kayaking, canopy, walks and flight reservations.


Estrella Tours Ph + (506) 2777-1286. Specializing in rental and bicycle excursions, hore rides and sea kayaking, organizing other routes.

Iguana Tours Ph + (506) 2777-1262. E-mail: iguana@iguanatours.com / www.iguanatours.com. Orgazining circuits to the park, a day rafting along the river, trips to the sea in kayaks and excursions to see the dolphins. Located diagonal to the Catholic Church in Quepos. The company was created in 1989 by Steve Osman, initially offering excursions to the National Park as well as boat trips and kayaking. The company was sold to a group of investors from Quepos, Jorge Cruz Jiménez, Gilberth Cruz Jiménez, Gilberto Gómez Barquero and Henry Gómez Pineda. They have all the nesscesary permissions that the Costa Rican government ask for.  There is transportation for all trips. Excursions: Rafting to the Rió Savegre and Naranjo, rowing boat trips to the coast Manuel Antonio, kayaking to Damas island and the estuary from day to night, horseback tours to Don Gilberto Ranch, Carara National Park, tour to the Casa Grande Ranch, botanical garden, canopy tour, Nauyaca waterfalls and dolphin observation.

Ríos Tropicales Ph +  (506) 2777-4092. They are equipped with all the implements and security measures needed for trips along the river.

Four Trax Adventures Ph +  (506) 2777-1829. Organizing four hour guided circuits in quad bikes for 95 US$ per person, kayaking, and fishing for 2 hours, 30 US$ per person.

Planet Dolphin Ph +  (506) 2777-1647. E-mail: teamdolphin2000@yahoo.com / www.planetdolphin.com. Steve Wofford is a good contact for dolphin tours 65 US$, 4 hours; kayak and rafting 25 US$ 2 hours, sanwiches and dives included.

Brisas del Nara Ph + (506) 2779-1235, Ph + (506) 2779-1049. E-mail: brisasnara@racsa.co.cr  www.horsebacktour.com. Located in Londres, some ten minutes away in car. Horse back excursions 35 US$ per person, ½ day/ one day 45/ 55 US$.