3 kilometers to the south of Jaco is Hermosa beach, with its large waves it is often visited by surfers, it is an easy place to get to enjoy the sun, the sand and the sea, you can also see a variety of birds here such as zacudas, especially white royal herons and egrets. It is perhaps one of the beaches with the most consistent or regular waves throughout the whole year, it has an extension of approximately 24 km, and along the beach you will be able to find consistent waves because of the constant changing sea bed with volcanic sands. One of the most radical points to go surfing in Hermosa is located at the beginning of the beach, use the Hotel Terazza del Pacifico as a reference point, as the seabed is rocky, it gives the waves much more speed, power and size. The Terraza waves runs to the right and the left and has even been compared to the Hawaiian back door waves, not because of their gigantic size but because they form a hole, especially for those surfers that love tubes, their good speed and excellent size can vary from 3 feet to up to 12 feet from the front. Because of this we don’t recommend Playa Hermosa for beginner surfers; it is mores suited to intermediates and advanced that are looking to catch a good wave.  In Hermosa you can surf throughout the year, everyday and during the day and night, as Hotel Terraza del Pacífico has installed a power lighting system that allows people to practice this sport, making this the only illuminated beach in Latin America to go surfing. It is here where great surfing tournaments have taken place, with the participation of Surf Federations from 13 countries around the world. The United States, Mexico, El Salvador, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Brasil, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Italy, Francen and Costa Rica. To make up a total of 200 surfers within a professional environment, receiving attention from both national and international media, which has really put the country on the map in terms of surfing. Among the most outstanding championships, Expo Surf is an excellent one, with the participation of 50 stands with products and services related to the tourism industry and surfing, as well as the beauty contest named Tica Surf as well as all the action that this surfing competition has to offer. In June 1998 Hermosa beach, a refuge for forest wildlife, with a total protected area of 47 hectares where where green and Lora turtles nest, the egg laying season is from June to December. Offering footpaths through the mountains for walks, mountain bikes, quad bikes or simply nature lover and bird watchers. This beach is traditionally peaceful and in there are a few places that offer accommodation at varied prices, as well as restaurants and bars. In addition it is located only 5 minutes away from Jaco, 30 minutes away from the Carara Biological Reserve, 1 hour from Manuel Antonio. With a road that is in perfect condition, and frequent public transport it deserves to be called: HERMOSA.

Circuits and services

Chiclets Tree Tour Canopy Ph + (506) 2643-1880, fax (506) 2643-3509. E-mail: info@jacowave.com  www.jacowave.com . Prices per person adulto/children younger than 12 years of age 65/ 35 US$. Located in a primary rainforest, it is an experience to travel through the forest between the tree tops, with an abundance of exhuberant flora and fauna, 11 platforms suspended by wire cables, with the safest equipment and guides. There are also walking excursions via the suspended bridges that hang from tree to tree. Transporation: the service depends on availability: Jacó 5 US$, Los sueños Marriott 10 US$, Punta Leona 15 US$, Villa Lapas 15 US$, C.V Fiesta 21 US$, San José 22 US$. Timetable: 07:00 a.m, 09:00 a.m, 01:00 p.m, 03:30 p.m. The Chiclets tree tour is located on Hermosa Beach Jaco opposite the hotel Terraza del Pacifico.

How to arrive and leave

By Bus

Transporte Quepos Ph +  (506) 2223-5567 San José, Ph +  (506) 2777-0263 Quepos. The buses that go to Quepos, can leave you in Hermosa beach, they leave from the Coca Cola bus terminal every day.


Is located in Jaco and if you want to get to Hermosa beach they will charge you from 2.23 US$ and 0.25 US$ to carry a bicycle, you don’t need to pay extra to take surfboards. The  30-30 taxis Ph +  (506) 2643-3030 have a taxi rank next to the Más X Menos supermarket and you can ask to be picked up from any where.