It is 1.5 kilometers from Baru Ranch and 35 kilometers away from San Isidro del General (Perez Zeledon), and 44 kilometers from Quepos by the Costanera road with a distance of two hours, leaving from San Isidro del General over a paved road that crosses the Valley El General by the south which has precious landscapes. The trip from San Jose to Playa Dominical lasts four hours. Dominical is a large beach with sediment sand of very dark red tones with good waves to surf. If you wish to swim, you have to be careful, as there might be some dangerous currents. The Costanera road surrounds Dominical and you enter the town by crossing the Rio Baru Bridge. There is a main road that passes through the community, where many facilities are found. A road also runs parallel to the beach. There are two Internet services, surf stores, public telephones, a commercial center, but no banks can be found here. In Playa Dominicalito, south from Dominical, there are good breaks for surfers. It is recommended to swim during low tide so you are able to see the coral rocks. As well as this an excellent view of the beach can be enjoyed.

Dangers and warnings

This is an area with surf, waves and very strong currents. Many people have drowned at nearby beaches. Because of the mortal accidents, the beach is signposted and there is a life guard on the beach.


Bank of Costa Rica Ph +  (506) 2787-0381/ 2787-0382/ 2787-0383/ 2787-0384. In the Commercial Center Plaza Pacifica. Schedule: Monday – Friday 09:00 a.m to 04:00 p.m. Counts with ATM and currency exchange.


The Costanera Sur highway surrounds Dominical; the entrance to the village is after crossing the Río Barú Bridge. There is a main road that goes through the village; there are a lot of facilities located here, parallel to the beach. There are two internet cafes; a surf shop, public telephones and two shopping centers, there are bank.

Station Gas

Estación de Servicio el Ceibo Ph + (506) 2787-0057. Located 1 km north of dominical. Service of fuel, repair of tires, change of oils. They accept cards credit.


Southern Expeditions Ph + (506) 2787-0100. E-mail: Located at the entrance, offering day excursions to Caño Island for scuba diving in the Corcovado National Park, Manuel Antonio National Park, kayaking along the Rió blanco or the Gran rió Térraba, ½ day excursions kayaking, snorkeling and to the caverns of the Bahía Ballena, there is also bird watching, visit to Hacienda baru, walks, rafting, the Wilson Botanical garden and indigenous reserves.

Adventure Education Center Ph + (506) 2787-0023/ 2787-0046. E-mail: Spanish classes from 09:00 a.m to 01:30 p.m, small groups. Excursions to the Osa Peninsula de osa, horse rides and canopy. Also offering accommodation only for students, there are four cabins each with a private bathroom with hot water, double and single beds and fans.

Where Shopping

Centro Comercial Pueblo Del Rió Ph + (506) 2787-8031.With different services such as  Century 21 Real Estate, Internet café, fruit store, mini supermarket, El rincón restaurant, clothes stores, tourist information office with rent a car, dentist, doctor, microbiologist and laboratory, pharmacy Ph + (506) 2787-0197, as well as 16 mini sheds available for rent per day, week and month.

Centro Comercial Plaza Pacifica Ph +  (506) 2787-0012. E-mail: Located 500 meters South of the entrance to Dominical, services; supermarket, two restaurants, souvenir store, real estate, lawyer and an ICE office.

 Surf Shop & School of the Surf

Pineapple Surf Shop Ph +  (506) 2787-0302, Ph + (506) 8829-4420. E-mail: Open from 08:00 a.m to 06:00 p.m every day. In this store you will find all types of accessories for surfing, such as clothe. Surf lessons, Phone (506) 838-7292, here you can sell, buy or rent your surf boards. New or used.

South Wave Surf Shop Ph +  (506) 2787-0260/ Ph +  (506) 8886-9553. E-mail: Address 50 mts South of the Guardia Rural, next to Restaurante “El Coco”. We accept credit cards. Open every day from 08:00 a.m to 07:00 p.m. Rent, buy trade sell surfboards/ body boards, professional dining repair, surf lessons. We have a great variety of new and used rental boards such as short board’s footboards and long boards in fibber glass, epoxy and sofhop. We also have more than 70 new/ used surfboards; softboards from international shapers in fibber glass, epoxy and sofhop to sell in stock. We also buy all kinds of surfboards from you. You can also find all kind of accessories (Internacional brands) all that you need (med/ lost/ ocean earth/ O’Neill/ oan/ head hunters/ rip cure)

Costa Rica Surf School Ph +  (506) 2787-4041. Ph + (506) 8812-3625. E-mail:  PO Box13-8156 Playa Dominical. Located in the centre of Playa Dominical, this school is owned by Costa Rican surfers and offers the highest quality surfing instruction. In union with the lifeguards, it maintains a program of help and information for tourists and locals. It has a large quantity and variety of boards to teach and for hire. At the end of each class a CD with photos of the student in action as well as the surrounding area is provided. From this year on video footage with an additional cost of 10 US$ in the format of DVD will also be available. There is also a repair centre for boards, with the best service and the best prices in Playa Dominical, carrying out a guaranteed, high quality job. There is also a wide selection of souvenirs available from the souvenir store with products from the local area at low prices. The prices of the classes vary according to the number of people and the type of classes they require. Prices per person are from 40 US$ per class including a CD with photos. Covered by INS insurance. Credit Cards are accepted.

Green Iguana Surf Camp Ph +  (506) 2787-0157 Ph +  (506) 8825-1381. Email: Experienced surfers Jason and Karla Butler, offer surf lessons and camping for between seven and ten days. It provides lodging for tourists of different budgets. Packages: all the prices a person per day with ventilator for 1, 2, 3 people: 6 nights and 7 days 835/ 525/ 395 US$, 9 nights and 10 days 1,075/ 615/ 445 US$/ 13 nights and 14 days 1,355/ 810/ 585 US$. Packages: all the prices a person per day with conditioned air for 1, 2, 3 people: 6 nights and 7 days 920/ 565/ 455 US$, 9 nights and 10 days 1,185/ 690/ 525 US$/ 13 nights and 14 days 1,515/ 890/ 655 US$. Children under 12 years old 10 % discount. The packages of seven include five lessons of surf, ten days include seven lessons and the fourteen days include ten lessons. Includes the lodging in the Hotel DiuWak, daily transport to local beaches and the waves, registration in the surf school of GISC’S, limitless use of all the surf boards, boggie boards, a trip to the waterfalls of the Pozo Azul, a long walk in the natural sea caves of Ventanas Beach and transport from the airport to GISC’S and return of your final stay.

How to arrive and leave

The Dominical Bus stop is next to the San Clemente Bar & Grill next to the football plaza. Offering; timetable and information about tickets. The buses to Quepos leave at 05:45 a.m, 08:15 a.m, 01:00 p.m and 03:00 p.m towards San Isidro 06:45 a.m, 07:00 a.m, 11:15 a.m, 02:45 p.m and 03:30 p.m and to Uvita 04:30 a.m and 10:00 a.m, the buses from San José to Uvita pass by Dominical at around 10:30 a.m and 09:00 p.m. Those from Uvita to Quepos and San José pass by Dominical 06:00 a.m and 02:00 p.m. Transporte Blanco Tel (506) 771-2550, Located on the east side of the South Tyre Center. Departs from San Isidro-Dominical to Quepos 07:00 a.m and 01:30 p.m, San Isidro to Coronado-Osa-Uvita 09:00 a.m and 04:00 p.m, Quepos to Dominical-San Isidro 05:00 a.m and 01:30 p.m and from Uvita to Dominical-San Isidro 05:00 a.m and 01:45 p.m.