Surf Spots – Stars categorization

Category according to the number of Stars *           There are barely even waves. When there is swell the waves are closing out.  From 0 to 3 feet. **         Short ride waves, semi-consistent. From 1 to 5 feet. ***        Moderately consistent with a good ride and occasional tubes.  From 2 to 8 feet. ****      Very consistent, […]

Surfing Glossary / Terminology

Surfing Terminology                              Terminoligia Surf   English                                                       Español Swell                                                            Oleaje   Wave                                                           Ola   Paddle                                                         Remar   Set                                                               Serie de olas   Maneuver                                                     maniobra   Tube                                                            Tubo   Wall                                                              Pared de ola   Duck dive                                                     Pato   Peak                                                             Pico   Point                                                             Punto o Punta   Sting ray                                                        Manta raya   I got it! / You take […]