The Nicoya Peninsular stands out more than 110 kilometers to the south of the extreme northeast of Costa Rica and it is the largest Peninsular in the country. Visitors can enjoy beautiful views of the coast, go swimming, sunbathe and go surfing. In this area you can also discover isolated beaches and small villages. There are some natural reserves, and a national park that you can visit. The main highway begins in Liberia and goes into the heart of the Peninsular, passing by villages such as Filadelfia and Santa Cruz, until you get to Nicoya, the largest village in the area.


Located to the northeast of the Tilarán Cordillera, which includes the northern area of Costa Rica, it owes its name to the colossal majestic peak of 1633 meters above sea level with a cone like formation that is almost perfect which stands out from the rest of the country. Its constant activity, a welcoming spectacle, which is internationally known as a first class attraction. Since the pre-Hispanic period, the Arenal area has been favored by settlers, because of its optimal ecological conditions.

San Jose

SAN JOSÉ DOWNTOWN A bustling city nestled inside a tropical paradise; San Jose sits in the center of the country in the Central Valley and is surrounded by gorgeous untouched cloud forests. Serving as a hub to the rest of the country, San Jose is the prefect place to use as a base camp to […]