The history of Coffee

The History of Coffee Its origin is based in the province of Kaffa, Etiopia, between  VI and IX DC centuries Its consumption grew and became popular in the neighbouring arab countries thanks to the prohibition of alcohol by Islam.  The “K’hawah”, or energizing, as it became known was prohibited by the ortodox imams and conservatives […]


HOW TO ARRIVE AND LEAVE COSTA RICA You can arrive at Costa Rica by air, land or sea; few use the latter as it is less practical. Airplane Airports and Airlines The majority of international flights to Costa Rica arrive at Juan Santamaria International Airport, located in the Province of Alajuela, 17 Km’s from San […]

Surfing in Costa Rica

The pleasant water temperatures and the size and frequency of the waves attract thousands of surfers, from all over the world. There are approximately 116 Waves for Surfear in Costa Rica. Places such as Naranjo Beach, Potrero Grande, Grande Beach, Tamarindo beach, Langosta, Avellanas or Negra Beach, is a perfect place for visitors to the […]

Private and State Banks

Private and State Banks in Costa Rica Banco Bct S.A Ph (506) 2212-8000. E-mail: . Adress central street & 1st & 3rd avenue. Banco Cathay de Costa Rica S.A Ph (506) 2290-2233, fax (506) 2296-4323, Adress condominio Industrial of Pavas of Silvana 600 meters west. Banco Central de Costa Rica Ph (506) […]

Embassies and Consulates in Costa Rica

Embassies and Consulates in Costa Rica Countries have their embassies and consulates in the area of San José. Alemania Ph (506) 2232-5533, fax (506) 2231-6403. Edificio Torre La Sabana 8º piso, 300 metros Oeste del I.C.E. Bélgica Ph (506) 2280-4435/ 2224-1855/ 2225-6633/ 2223-0351. Apdo Postal 3725-1000 San José-Costa Rica. Los Yoses 4ta entrada, 25 […]

Costa Rica – The National Anthem

The National Anthem The music for the National Anthem of Costa Rica was created during the government of Juan Rafael Mora, in 1852. The President of the Republic asked Manuel Maria Gutierrez to compose the music within three days. A competition was held in 1903 to choose the lyrics. The prize was won by Jose […]