22 Km from San José, 12 Km from Heredia and 37 Km from the peak of the Poás Volcano. A pleasant city that is famous for its good climate, it is located more to the west, it is protected from the rain from the Atlantic and is 200m below the level of San José, and the weather is a little warmer; it stay at between 20 º C and 24 º C all year round.


The official name of this village is Ciudad Quesada and is known as San Carlos, buses are usually marked with this name. It was created on the 26th of September 1911, it was converted into the tenth county of the province of Alajuela, and since then it has become a fine and prestigious village. With an extension of 3.347,98 Km2.


It is the fourth province of the Central Plateau, and is also the oldest. Established in 1563. It was the capital until 1823. A volcanic eruption in 1723 and earthquakes in 1841 and 1910 destroyed nearly all of the historic buildings.

The Church the ruins

It is the largest tourist attraction in the city. In 1920 an earthquake destroyed nearly all of it; it is located on the corner of 2nd Street. The church was not restored and because of this you can only visit Las Ruinas, (the ruins), as it is known. Its walls are surrounded by a beautiful garden and it is the most important point of reference in the center of Cartago.


Located on the Central Volcanic Cordillera, 31km to the west of the city of Cartago. It was created with the Nº 1917 article from the Organic Law created by the Institute of Tourism on the 30th of July 1955. From 1970 the services of the national parks manage this national park. It has an extension of […]


It is a bustling city. Its streets and parks are always full of people. Along the street where the train departs there are fruit and vegetable stalls. Turrialba is famous for its water rafting and parachuting because of its strong currents.


With 3.330 meters in altitude and three well defined craters, this colossus dominates the whole valley in Turrialba. From there, on a clear day, you can sea the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean; there are natural footpaths where you can see the flora and fauna belonging to this volcanic area.