It is been slowing forming little by little with sands and sediments from the northern rivers and sands that are brought by the winds and the currents from the mouth of the Río Barranca. The river mouth is 7 ½  Km long, 600 meters at its widest point and it has a maximum level of 3 meters above sea level. The history of the city is linked to the harbour, rail, commercial and fishing activity on an industrial level.

Where to Sleep & Eat in Puntarenas city?

Hotel Las Brisas Ph (506) 2661-4040, fax (506) 2661-2120. E-mail: hotellasbrisascostarica@ice.co.cr www.lasbrisashotelcr.com. One is in front of at the end of the stroll of the Tourists the beach, corner with street 31. Account with 26 rooms with conditioned air, TV, ventilator, some with refrigerator and microwaves, private bath with hot water, cost high season 91 […]

Information Historical Marine & Other

La Casa de Cultura Ph (506) 2661-1394 offering tourist information. To the north of the building there is an outside internet service, charging 2 US$ per hour. La Cruz Roja Ph (506) 2661-1945 and the Hospital Monseñor Sanabria Ph (506) 2630-8000, Located 8 km to the east of the city, in the Roble de Puntarenas. […]

Isla of Coco National Park

Coco Island, curiously coconut trees are not very abundant on this Pacific Ocean Island, 550 Km to the southeast of the city of Puntarenas and 650 km, to the north east of the Galapagos Island. From the port of Puntarenas it takes 36 hours to get here at a speed of night knots.

Tortuga Island

It is another marvel in the Golf of Nicoya, the excursions leave from the pier in Puntarenas to this paradise, and the journey lasts 1½ to 2 hours with an exciting trip offering panoramic views of several islands, dolphins, turtles and more. This island has white sand and turquoise colored water. Circuits Bay Island Cruises […]


Located 14.5 Km from the center of the city, it is a wooded public park located on the highway to Caldera. Doña Ana Tourist Lodging. At the entrance of the beach there is parking 0,60 US$. Access for the beach for adults/children 1.50/ 0.75 US$; open from  8:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m, perfect for swimming, there is a bar, picnic areas, changing areas  and bathrooms. In reality there are two beaches: Doña Ana and Boca Barranca.

Surfing in Caldera & Doña Ana

Central Pacific Surf Spots goes from Puntarenas Surf Spot N° 42 Boca Barranca up to N° 75 Uvita: This zone is known for being the most consistent of all, because of its geographical position; it catches the swells from the south, southwest, north and northwest. Although, in the months of September through to March the swells tend to be smaller, the conditions are much better. During rainy season in the months of March through to September the zone captures swells from all directions.

Where to Sleep & Eat Doña Ana Beach?

Hotel Fiesta Resort Ph (506) 2663-2692/ 2663-0808, fax (506) 2663-1516, Ph (506) 2220-2412, fax (506) 2220-3409.E-mail:ventas@fistaresort.com www.fiestaresort.com. Prices per person 80/ 95 US$, children 45 US$. Located in the Roble de Puntarenas close to the river mouth of the Barranca. Your room, meals and unlimited drinks and meals in the special bars, entertainment and all […]


It is located in Tárcoles Valley. Irrigated from the west to the east by the Río Tárcoles. This area has very picturesque landscapes, and the people are friendly, noble and hardworking. Located 67 kilometers from San José.


It has an extension of 5.242 hectares and is located at the river mouth of the Río Tárcoles, some 50km along the highway some 90 km to the west of  San José via the Orotina highway. It is surrounded by farming land and pastures, and is an oasis fro wild fauna that inhabits this wide area. The tropical rain forest os more northern that the Pacific Coast, in a trasitional area of dry tropical forest that is situated more to the north.

Where to Sleep & Eat in Carara?

Los Cocodrilos Ecological Restaurant Ph + (506) 2661-8261, Cellular (506) 8817-8405. Double 20US$. Located on the north side of the Río Tárcoles bridge. There are six cabins, with private bathrooms, three beds and a fan. The restaurant serves sea food and traditional meals and opends from 06:00 a.m to 09:00 p.m everyday, there is a […]

Where to Sleep & Eat in Tarcoles?

Hotel Villa Lapas Ph 2637-0232 / 2637-0227  /  2637-0441. WHATSAPP:  8482-7474  / 8685-6438. E-mail: info@villalapas.com www.villalapas.com. Single/ double 113 US$ and triple/ quadruple 133 US$. An ecological hotel that is focused on the conservation of nature, it is located an hour and fourty minutes away from the city of San José. Because of its location […]


This small point is between Tarcoles and Jaco. The Blue Flag is the best nacional acknowledgement that the government offers regarding the clenliness of beaches, their water and also swimmer safety.  For several continuous years, Punta Leona has won three blue flags for its beaches: Blanca, Mantas and Limoncito. The Red Parrot was for many years abundant throughout Central America. Unfortunately poachers began to steal nets and sell them to foreign collectors and vets.

Where to Sleep & Eat Punta Leona?

Hotel Punta Leona Ph + (506) 2231-3131, fax (506) 2232-0791. E-mail: info@hotelpuntaleona.com www.hotelpuntaleona.com. Located 6 km to the south of Tacoles and 11 km to the north of Jaco, surrounded by rainforest. It is a tourist complex with an extension of 2300 hectares, situated on a cliff with access to the beach. There are three […]


Located 3, 5 km to the north of Playa Jaco. A 3 km paved road to the west takes you as far as Herradura Beach, it is a quiet and secluded place, with white sand, filled with palm leaves, it is home to a sports port, a hotel and a tourist center, one of the largest in the country.

Where to Sleep & Eat Herradura Beach?

Los Sueños Marriott Ocean & Golf Resort Ph + 506 2630-9000. www.marriott.com/sjols. Sophistication and style pair well with the beautiful rainforest for your getaway at Los Suenos Marriott Ocean & Golf Resort. Our hotel grants easy access to Costa Rica adventures including horseback riding along Jaco Beach and hiking through Carara National Park. For a more exclusive […]

Activity Herradura Beach

Herradura Diver Ph + (506) 2637-7123. E-mail:info@herraduradivers.com www.herraduradivers.com. It is it is a diving school. They give classes from the level of beginners until the Dive Master. Dive 2 tanks 84 US$. Study introductory ½ day and Discover Scuba 125 US$. The courses like: Open Water, advanced, rescue, first aids, Diver Master. They have the […]


Located 110 km from San José and 7 above sea level. The sandy stripof almost 5 km long is one of the most popular beaches in Costa Rica. It is the first beach city that was developed on the south Pacific Coast. It is a long and beautiful beach, and its closeness to San José makes it very popular with Costa Ricans as well as foreign students.


Spot #55 – PLAYA JACO 55) PLAYA JACO: Jaco is a beach 5 kilometers long with moderately good waves. It has two important river mouths, where you find the best waves, which are relatively consistent. Jaco is a SURF TOWN. Access: By land with a lot of facilities. Tide: Works better with medium up coming. Swells: South, North and Northwest. Bottom: Sand. Feet: 2 to […]

Where to Sleep in Jaco Beach?

Hotel Balcon Del Mar Ph + (506) 2643-2223. E-mail: balcon@racsa.co.cr www.hotelbalcondelmar.com. Counts with 30 rooms with private bathroom with hot water, A/C, small refrigerator, balcony with view to the sea, swimming pool, private parking area, restaurant with national and international cuisine. It is a 4 floors building at 50 meters from the beach. Rooms: Single 50/ 70 […]

Where to Eat in Jaco Beach?

Restaurant & Marisquería El Hicaco Ph +  (506) 2643-3226. Located on El Hicaco street, opposite the beach. Specializing in seafood, it has a good wine list, you can see the sun sets and at night have a candle light, prices from 7/ 40 US$. With souvenir store. Restaurante & Marisquería El Faro Ph +  (506) […]

Activities in Jaco Beach

Kayak Jaco Ph + 506-2643-1233  E-mail: kayakjaco@gmail.com  www.kayakjaco.com USA 617-674-4201 FB Kayak Jaco. Since 1998 Kayak Jaco has been operating fun safe tours in the warm waters of the Gulf Of Nicoya from our base in Playa Agujas: just 15 min north of Jaco.  We offer ½ day tours in kayaks, outrigger canoes and paddleboards and private charters […]

Souvenirs Jaco Beach

Ecological T-shirts, coconut necklaces, shells, stones, quarzo, souvenirs, knitted handbags, carved wood, small lizards, stop, bathroom dresses, earrings of feathers, in fish flakes and quarzo stones. As well as typical carts, hats, coconut purses and of jicaro, wooden motives, among others.


3 kilometers to the south of Jaco is Hermosa beach, with its large waves it is often visited by surfers, it is an easy place to get to enjoy the sun, the sand and the sea, you can also see a variety of birds here such as zacudas, especially white royal herons and egrets. It is perhaps one of the beaches with the most consistent or regular waves throughout the whole year, it has an extension of approximately 24 km, and along the beach you will be able to find consistent waves because of the constant changing sea bed with volcanic sands.

Where to Sleep & Eat Hermosa Beach?

Hotel Terraza del Pacifico Ph + (506) 2643-3222, fax (506) 2643-3424. E-mail: info@terrazadelpacifico.com www.terrazadelpacifico.com. With 43 rooms, single/ double 92/ 107 US$ for 3 people, junior suite 150/ 180 US$ for 6 people/ master suite 180/ 210 US$ for 8 people, breakfast, lunch and dinner 10/ 15 US$. They each have a private bathroom with […]

Surfing in Hermosa Beach

Spot #58 – PLAYA HERMOSA – JACO 58) PLAYA HERMOSA – JACO: This beach is known as one of the most consistent beaches in the world. It has an extension of approximately 8 kilometers and the beach is very good. The best-known places are: *in front of Terraza del Pacifico Hotel (the only one with […]

The legend of the Esterillos Memaid

The story is about a sphelt bronze figure that has immortalized the experience of a man from Parrita many years ago with a mermaid that they say only came close to the beaches of west Esterillos. It was more than 30 years ago when Fernando Mora arrived to Parrita from Puriscal, during this time the beaches were almost unihabited and there where no access roads and they often used the beaches as a way of access.

Where to Sleep & Eat Esterillos?

Rancho Coral Ph +  (506) 2778-8648. E-mail: surf@ranchocoral.com www.ranchocoral.com. There are 4 rooms, with air conditioning, fan, fridge, microwave, coffee maker, bathroom with a bath tub with hot water, Cable TV, double and single beds, for four people 75 US$. There are also 3 rooms, with A/C, fan , private bathroom with hot water, for […]

Surfing in Esterillos

Spot #59 – PLAYA ESTERILLOS OESTE 59) PLAYA ESTERILLOS OESTE: The characteristic of this beach is that the waves break way outside the sea. There are generally very good peaks and the even though the waves reach a very good size, they are always good. This is a special beach for long boards. Access: By land. Tide: Any tide. Swells: North, […]


Located 140 Km from San José, 11 Km. from Parrita, 30 Km from Quepos and 25 minutes from Jaco and Hermosa Beach. There are two entrances via the main road with signs that say Bandera Beach 3 Km from the village and travel 6 Km further and you will get to the beach. This beach is 8 Km long with black sand, the ocean currents come from the open sea and you will need to be careful if you go swimming here.


Located 40 km from Jaco, head to the south from Esterillos and you will get to Parrita. This is a great place; the beach has black sand. Like the rest of the surrounding area the beach has a break just to the south of the village in Palo Seco Beach. Follow the sign to the south of Parrita towards the beach.

Surfing in Parrita

Spot #62 – PLAYA BEJUCO 62) PLAYA BEJUCO: When everywhere else is flat, this place is head high, is really consistent here. Good peaks up and down the beach ones. It is recommended to be careful with the currents. Access: by land. Tide: Low up coming. Swells: North, Northwest and South. Bottom:Sand. Feet: 2 to 12. Season: All year round. Stars: 4. Spot #63 – PALO SECO – […]


This beautiful place is not spoken about very much and not many people have been there even though it is only three hours from San José. The Pacific waves break on this magnificent deserted beach, surrounded by palm trees. Behind the beach you can find mangroves and the Palo Seco stream which is where the waters from the Río Damas flow into.

Where to Sleep & Eat Palo Seco?

Hotel La Isla Ph + (506) 2779-9393/ 2779-9016, fax (506) 2779-9494. E-mail: info@laislahotel.com www.laislahotel.com. Low season single/ double 54/ 68 US$ extra person 15 US$, high season 70/ 88 US$ extra person 18 US$, breakfast included, credit cards accepted and travelers checks. Located on Palo Seco beach. There are 32 rooms with a private bathroom […]

Circuits in Parrita

Creando Naturaleza Sky Mountain Ph + (506) 8830-1699. Cellular (506) 8847-1564, fax (506) 779-8001. E-mail: info@costaricacanopy.com Located in the Central Pacific of Costa Rica, you will find the Sky Mountain canopy, with a safe system of paths 7.200 feet and zip lines. Welcome to the adventure and enjoy the views of the ocean and the […]

Damas Island

Take a trip through the canals on Damas Island where you can enjoy the beautiful beaches that are located here. There are some boats that offer great facilities. The trip lasts two or three hours and you will go along canals where you will be able to see a variety of birds, mammals and reptiles. The time to carry out this trip is during high tide.


Located 5 meters above sea level, 167 km from San José, 70 km from Jaco and 7 km from the Manuel Antonio National Park. It was an important port for bananna exportation separated by just 7 kilometers from the famous Manuel Antonio National Park.

Cerro Nara and Naranjito

Cerro Nara and Naranjito Naranjito is a picturesque village, because of its proximity and climate many people have settled here. It is located only 10 km away from the center of Quepos, and almost all of the basic services. Cerro Nara, is a few kilometers away, it is one of the protected areas that is […]

Surfin in Quepos

65) PUNTA QUEPOS: This is a left point that breaks of the pier, which is usually small but has a good ride. Access: By land. Tide: Low. Swells: South. Bottom:Sand. Feet: 2 to 4. Season: All year. Stars: 2. Spot #65 – PUNTA QUEPOS

Where to Sleep & Eat Quepos?

Hotels Kamuk & Casino Best Western Ph + (506) 2777-0811, Ph + (506) 2777-0258. E-mail: info@kamuk.co.cr / www.kamuk.co.cr. Standard/ superior 65/ 94 US$, breakfast included. There are 35 rooms with air conditioning, private bathroom with hot water, Cable TV and balconies. The Mira Olas restaurant, opens for breakfast 06:00 a.m to 10:00 a.m everyday, 10% […]

How to arrive and Leave Quepos

Airplane Sansa Servicio Nacional S.A Ph + (506) 2221-9414, fax (506) 255-2176. Administration Phone (506) 248-1124, Quepos Phone (506) 777-0683, Airport Flyer    / Schedule / Arrive / Prices 600              06:00     06:30 602              07:30     08:00       49 US$ 604               09:00    09:30 606               10:20    10:40 608               11:35    12:05 670               13:30    14:00 Natureair […]

Where to Sleep & Eat Route to Manuel Antonio?

Hotel Parador de Quepos Ph + (506) 2777-1411, Ph + (506) 2777-1437. E-mail: parador@racsa.co.cr www.hotelparador.com.  Double standard 225 US$, luxury 260 US$, premium 305 US$; junior suites 370 US$; per extra person 35 US$. Breakfast included. There are 68 rooms and 10 suites, two Jacuzzis, swimming pool with a bar, sauna, tennis court and a […]


This small town is located at the entrance of the national park and you can find various hotels and restaurants that are economical here. Espadilla Beach is good, but swimmers should be careful with the currents. This beach is 7 kilometers from Quepos and 174 kilometers from San Jose.

Surfing in Manuel Antonio

66) PLAYITAS MANUEL ANTONIO: Manuel Antonio Beach owns three points that are very good. One of these is Playitas, with 3 solid peaks. Access: By land. Tide: Low up coming. Swells: South and Northwest. Bottom: Rocks and sand. Feet: 2 to 8. Season: All year. Stars: 3. Spot #66 – PLAYITAS MANUEL ANTONIO 67) PLAYA SEGUNDA MANUEL ANTONIO: There is a strong left wave between Manuel Antonio Beach and […]

Where to Sleep & Eat Manuel Antonio

Hotel Manuel Antonio Ph + (506) 2777-1237. Double 75 US$, for those with private bathrooms with hot water and a fan. Triple 88 US$ with Cable TV, air conditioning, private bathroom with hot water and a fan. There is also parking, restaurant service, internet and laundry. Cabinas Piscis Ph + (506) 2777-0046.Double 20/ 30/ 47 […]


Located 7 km from Quepos and 174 km from San José. It has an extension of 1625 kilometers and was declared a National Park in 1972. The park is closed on Mondays to protect the ecosystem in the park; the forest rangers only allow the entry of a maximum of 600 people a day during thr week and 800 during the weekend and holidays. Its seems that the name of the park comes from a Spaniard that lived and died in a confrontation with the indigenous: he was buried at the foot of a tree where somebody put a plaque with a cross that said: Manuel Antonio; the place was used some time ago as a cemetery; today there is no evidence to say he existed.

The Route to Barú / Hacienda Barú

To the south of Matapalo, 1 km before you get to the Río Barú, and 2 ½ km before you get to Dominical, located on a private nature reserve. A bridge crosses the river and you will reach the village of Dominical on the south bank of the river mouth. You will need to cross several bridges to get here, including a one way metal bridge.


It is 1.5 kilometers from Baru Ranch and 35 kilometers away from San Isidro del General (Perez Zeledon), and 44 kilometers from Quepos by the Costanera road with a distance of two hours, leaving from San Isidro del General over a paved road that crosses the Valley El General by the south which has precious landscapes.

Surfing in Dominical Beach

71) PLAYA DOMINICAL: This one of the best known beaches in Costa Rica, since it has a great variety of waves, very ample ones and in just one beach. For example, you can surf waves of different kinds such as: hollow, tubular and fast ones in low tide, or good and long rides during high […]

Punta Uvita Beach (Bahía Uvita)

Located 18 Km to the south of Dominical, it is the closest community to the Marino Ballena National Park, there are some sodas and accommodation. There are several entrances from the road, and the beaches are called Uvita and Bahía Uvita (to the south). The coastal village of Uvita, that is at the base if a point that is located out into the Pacific Ocean.

Where to Sleep & Eat Punta Uvita Beach?

Hotel Canto de Ballenas Ph + (506) 2743-8085. E-mail: gerencia@cantodeballenas.com www.cantoballenas.com. Cross over the Rió Uvita bridge, and take the first entry to the right, and drive for a further 750 meters, it is 700 meters from the beach, situated within a 10 hectare property that belongs to  Coopeuvita R.L. Single / double/ triple/ quadruple […]


There is a forest ranger post, ASOPARQUE which was created in 1997, which is the association for the development for the Marino Ballena National Park. Both work within the park Tel (506) 743-8236. Entry 6US$ and you can get more information here. This national marine park was created in 1989 to protect the coral reef and 5375 hectares of ocean that surrounds Ballena Island, to the south of Uvita.

Where to Sleep & Eat Uvita Beach?

La Cusinga Ph + (506) 2770-2549. E-mail: info@lacusingalodge.com www.lacusingalodge.com. Located 4.5 km to the south of Uvita and 1km before getting to Ballena Beach. There are two cabins for 6 to 12 people 45 / 55 US$ per person includes three meals and a guide through the footpaths. Another 6 cabins for two to three […]

Where to Sleep & Eat Ballena Beach?

Cabinas Punta Uvita Ph + (506) 2771-2311. Rooms without bathroom 6 US$ per person, double with bathroom 13 US$. You can camp for 4 US$ and also rent horses. Cabinas Flamingo Ph +  (506) 2771-8078, Cellular (506) 823-6886. Cabañas 35 US$. It has a bar and restaurant, cabins for a maximum of six people and […]

Ojochal & Tortuga Beach

Some 14 km to the south of Uvita. It is a village where Canadian French, Dutch, Germans, Costa Ricans and North Americans live. A lot of the people that live here work in several types of restaurants from the most simple to the most sophisticated. The río Balso is located here and goes all the from Ojochal.

Where to Sleep & Eat Ojochal / Tortuga?

Hotel Villas Gaia Ph + (506) 2256-9996. E-mail: hvgaia@racsa.co.cr www.villasgaia.com. Single/ double 60/ 70 US$. Located some 500 meters before Ojochal. There are 12 wooden cabins with a terrace, private bathroom with hot water and ceiling fan, with a swimming pool. The restaurant serves International food. Villas el Bosque Ph + (506) 8398-2112, Ph + […]