Spot #85 – FERTICA – LIMON

85) FERTICA – LIMON: Is a left and right point, with good rides. There are good tubes here when there is off-shore and the tide is low. Access: By land. Tide: Works better with high tide dropping however; it is possible to Surf with both tides. Swells: South-Southeast. Bottom: Reef. Feet: 3 to 6. Season: […]


92) PLAYA CIENEGUITA (CIENEGUITA BEACH BREAK – EL BARCO – AEROPUERTO – ROMPE OLAS – EL BARCO HUNDIDO): This is a consistent Beach Break, with lefts and rights. With good tubes at low tide. Access: By land. Tide: High and low. Swells: East and southeast. Bottom: Sand. Feet: 2 to 5. Season: October to February. […]

Spot #103 – EL BLUFF (COCLES)

103) EL BLUFF (COCLES): This is another shallow point is rare to see somebody surf this place. El Bluff is located south from You Creep. Access: By land. Tide: High. Swells: Southeast. Bottom: sharp choral. Feet: 2 to 4. Season: October to February. Stars: 2. GPS Latitude 9.654726, Longitude -82.740099     WHERE TO SLEEP […]


104) COCLES ISLAND: The Island is located in Playa Cocles and is a very inconsistent left that breaks at the right side of the island. When there is a strong swell from the Southeast, this wave gets connected to the Cocles Beach Break, forming 250 meters ride. This is an easy wave and is not […]