Its official name is La Fortuna de San Carlos, it is the closest to the Arenal volcano, at 1.633 m; it is only separated by 6Km of foothills. It is located at 250 meters altitude and has an excellent view of the volcano; its attractions are a waterfall, hot springs, a lake, canopy circuits, caves, horse rides and excursions to the nearby Caño Negro refuge.

Where to Sleep & Eat La Fortuna

Arenal Rabfer Hotel Ph 506 2479-9187.  Address: 175 mts North the Bank National. Arenal Volcano – La Fortuna -Costa Rica. Email: The hotel offers rooms with a fabulous atmosphere where you could feel at home. Arenal Rabfer has 19 standard rooms in simple occupations, double, triple and quadruple, according to your needs. Each room offers: Delicious […]

Activities La Fortuna

Sky Adventures Arenal & Monteverde Park  Ph + 506 2479-4100/   1-844-4686759                        E-mail: Is located in one of the world’s most recognized and wonderful cloud forest. Located in the high mountains of the Puntarenas province and due to its high altitude, between 1200m (3940 ft) and 1750m (5740 ft) above sea level, Monteverde […]

Rent a Car & Moto

Poás Rent to Car Tel (506) 2479-8027, fax (506) 4279-8414, called free USA & Canada 1-888-607-7627. (506) 2442-6178, (506) 223-4249 (506) 2442-6685, (506) 2221-2331. E-mail:   Moto Rental Tel (506) 2479-7376 Tel (506) 2479-7376. Located 100 meters west of the Church. They rent motos, scooters, Prices per hour 10 US$, half hour 35 […]

Souvenirs & Gallery

Mercado Artesanía Tel (506) 2479-8687. Located in the north corner of the church. Schedule of 08:00 a.m to 08:00 p.m of Monday to Saturdays and Sundays of 08:00 a.m at 05:00 p.m. they Offer craft in general, hammocks, ecological T-shirts, postcards, squares, motives, necklaces, glasses, typical carts. Sale of coffee. Organize tours. Accept credit cards. […]

Pharmacy & Clinic Emergencies

Pharmacy La Fortuna Tel (506) 2479-8155. Medications, products for the personal care. Open of 08:00 a.m to 08:00 p.m of Monday to Saturday, Sundays of 08:00 a.m. to 12:00 m.d   Pharmacy Cathedral. Offers all type of medications, besides products for the personal care as: listerine, dental thread, you cremate, shampoo, tints of hair, toothbrushes. […]

Massages & Spa

Beautiful Horizon Therapeutic Center Tel (506) 2479-9327.Located of the hardware Colono 50 meters north. Here will be able to enjoy relaxants massages with aromatherapy, therapeutic massages, easy treatment, and cover with mud, exfoliation, corporal cleaning, and reflexología. Besides manicure, pedicure. Price from 20 US$ to 50 US$ Spanish and English Speak.   Los Sueños Spa […]

Fun & Bar Discoteque

Rancho La Cascada Restaurant/ Bar Weekends Tel (506) 2479-9145/ 2479-9351. Located on the corner of the park. It has a bar where you can listen to music, on the top floor, there are also music videos. Hotel & Casino Pizza Luigi’s Tel (506) 2479-9909/ 2479-9636, Tel/fax (506) 2479-9898.E-mail:  Has Italian restaurant and casino. […]


The waterfall has a fall of 70 meters and a capacity of 40 gallons of water per second, along with the panorama of the water is the amount of species of animals and plants that there is in this beautiful place. There is a pool that is suitable for swimming which is about 25 meters away from the waterfall with clear water crystal and fresh water 20 ºC and 26 ºC, and it is prohibited to swim close to the waterfall, it is very dangerous.


Located to the southeast of Arenal at 1.100 meters. It is a volcanic truncated cone. At the summit it has an exploded crater of 500 meters in diameter, where there is an oval shaped lagoon, 250 meters long and 150 meters wide. The extension of this volcano is 10 Km2.

Where to Sleep & Eat Waterfalls?

Cerro Chato Lodge Tel (506) 2479-9494/ 2479-9575, fax (506) 2479-9404. E-mail: Located 2 km highway to the volcano and 1 km more to the left in route to River Fortuna. It has 10 rooms with private bathroom, hot water, and fan. They offer laundry service and internet. Besides transfers service picking up them in […]


Located to the northeast of the Tilarán Cordillera, which includes the northern area of Costa Rica, it owes its name to the colossal majestic peak of 1633 meters above sea level with a cone like formation that is almost perfect which stands out from the rest of the country. Its constant activity, a welcoming spectacle, which is internationally known as a first class attraction. Since the pre-Hispanic period, the Arenal area has been favored by settlers, because of its optimal ecological conditions.

Where to Sleep & Eat Arenal Volcano Zone?

Hotel Arenal Kioro Suites & Spa Ph + 506 2479-1700. 10km Carretera al Volcan de la Fortuna 50201 Fortuna Costa Rica. E-mail: Offers a fabulous place with a natural viewpoint to the Arenal Volcano.The hotel has 27 acres of undulating land, surrounded by two streams (La Palma and Kioro) with crystalline waters that […]

Activities Arenal Volcano Zone

Arenal Hanging Bridges/ Puentes Colgantes Tel (506) 2290-0469, fax (506) 2290-0259. E-mail: Hanging Bridges are a tourist development of paths and bridges in harmony with the nature, the natural reservation of almost 250 hectares of Forest Rainy Virgin; located exactly in front of the Volcan Arenal and their Lagoon, with scenic views during […]

Where to Sleep & Eat Nuevo Arenal?

Hotel Los Héroes Ph +506 2692-8012 / Ph +506 2692-8013. Nuevo Arenal, Costa Rica  E-mail: .Offers: 4 comfortable double rooms with balcony, cable TV, some with a double bed and others with two single beds, bathroom with hot and cold water. 5 standard double rooms with hot and cold water. 3 standard triple rooms with […]

Activities Nuevo Arenal

Arenal Botanical Garden Tel (506) 2694-4273/ 2694-4305, fax (506) 2694-4086. E-mail: Located 25 km from the dame and 4km to the southeast of Nuevo Arenal. Entry 10 US$, open from 9:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m. It was founded in 1991 as a reserve and tropical and sub tropical plants library. It has footpaths with […]


It is a quiet village 550 meters in altitude, situated close to the extreme north of the Tilarán Cordillera. Its climate and characteristics if the region separate it from the rest of the province,  it is an area with a lot of rain and a cold climate, the vegetation is always green, the county is a high producer of the dairy cows and also coffee.

Where to Sleep & Eat Tilaran?

Aurora Inn Tel (506) 2694-4245/ 2694-4071, fax (506) 2694-4262. Located in front of the soccer square in Arenal center. It has 13 rooms Singular/ double 42/ 55 US$, includes breakfast, TV for cable, balcony, telephone, Internet, laundry, security the 24 hours, private parking, Souvenirs Shop, has swimming pool, jacuzzi, restaurant and bar. Organizes fishing circuits […]

Activities in Tilaran

Puerto San Luis Lodge & Yacht Club Tel (506) 2695-5750, fax (506) 2695-8540. E-mail: Puerto San Luis is located in San Luis of Tilarán, 7 Km of Tilarán center, driving on the road towards Tronadora. Puerto San Luis has two different boats ready for unbelievable tours. Sasha holds up to 10 people and is […]