Spot #55 – PLAYA JACO

55) PLAYA JACO: Jaco is a beach 5 kilometers long with moderately good waves. It has two important river mouths, where you find the best waves, which are relatively consistent. Jaco is a SURF TOWN. Access: By land with a lot of facilities. Tide: Works better with medium up coming. Swells: South, North and Northwest. […]

Spot #56 – ROCA LOCA

56) ROCA LOCA: This is a very good right in the Guapinol Bay, known as Roca Loca, which is a powerful wave. Its entrance is by natural rock channel. It is not very consistent. It is only recommended for experienced surfers. Access: By land. Tide: Low up coming. Swells: North / Northwest. Bottom: Rock. Feet: […]

Spot #57 – EL GATO

57) EL GATO: This was discovered by Carlos Villalobos ‘Kile’, who was one of the first most renowned surfers. This is a very good left that breaks to the South of Guapinol Bay. It is also very strong. This point is must surfed by local surfers. Not consistent. Access: By land. Tide: Low up coming. […]


61) WEST PLAYA ESTERILLOS: It has moderately good waves, which are generally, which are generally fast. Access: By land. Tide: Works with up coming tide. Swells: Attracts all swells coming from different directions. Bottom: Sand. Feet: 2 to 8. Season: All year. Stars: 3. GPS Latitude 9.520954, Longitude -84.445517 West Esterillos, Central Esterillos and East […]


62) PLAYA BEJUCO: When everywhere else is flat, this place is head high, is really consistent here. Good peaks up and down the beach ones. It is recommended to be careful with the currents. Access: by land. Tide: Low up coming. Swells: North, Northwest and South. Bottom: Sand. Feet: 2 to 12. Season: All year […]


70) MATAPALO BEACH: This is a very large beach approximately 20 kilometers long; however, there are good right and left peaks. You will surf by yourself here, because this is a very secluded area, away from facilities. Access: By land. Tide: Medium and high. Swells: South and Northwest. Bottom: Sand. Feet: 2 to 10. Season: […]