Where to Eat – Cahuita Beach?

Where to Eat – Cahuita Beach?



El Cangrejo Loco de Cahuita Ph + (506) 8822 -3844. https://elcangrejolocodecahuita.negocio.site/ https://www.facebook.com/elcangrejolocodecahuita/ Willies Tours, Contiguo a, Limón, Cahuita. We offer casados with chicken, fish, pork or beef, served with rice, beans, patacones, salad and fries egg!! Yummii. Chicken or beef fajitas served with patacones, seasoned mashed beans, pico de Gallo and tortillas. Delicious Mahi Mahi fillet cooked on a Garlic Butter served with French fries or patacones and salad.

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Cocorico Pizzeria Ristorante Ph + (506) 2755-0409. https://www.facebook.com/cocoricocahuita/ Location; 50 metros norte de Coco’s Bar, Cahuita.  Italiana, Pizzería, Apto para vegetarianos.  Opening from wednesday to monday of 4 pm to 10 pm.

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Coco’s Bar Ph + (506) 2755-0437. https://www.facebook.com/cocosbar.cahuita Bar, Restaurant, Live and dance music. Caribbean, Latin, Central American, Costa Rican. At the main intersection, you can’t miss it: painted Rasta red, gold and green and cranking the reggaetón up to 11 p.m. On some nights (usually on weekends) there’s also live music. Bar Hours: Approx: 12 pm. Restaurant Hours: Approx: 12 m.d – 9:45 pm.

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Barakka Bistro Cahuita Ph + (506) 2755-0145. E-mail: barakkabistro@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/barakkabistrocahuita/ Calle Principal Cahuita. Italian and french food on the main st.  Tuesday to Sunday Of 12 md to 09:30 pm. Monday: Closed,

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Aroma, Coffee Bar & Breakfast Ph + (506) 8808-6445. Ph + (506) 8486-7371. https://www.facebook.com/aromacoffebar/ Limón, Cahuita. Have a pleasant establishment so that visitors are comfortable and enjoy the experience of our products. Open Monday to Saturday from 07:30 a.m. at 06:00 pm, Sunday closed.

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Restaurante Típico Cahuita Ph +  (506) 2755-0364. Located in the entrance of the town. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. The breakfasts are American, tropical and typical, cost of 4 US$. Entrances as salads, soups, cream, seafood, rice, rice and beans, spaghetti, casados, red and white meat. Eat quickly: sandwichs, hamburgers. Cold drinks and heat. Prices from 4 US$ to 20 US$. They Have parking.

Restaurant Roberto Ph +  (506) 2755-0117, Ph + (506) 8396-9864. E-mail: robertostour@yahoo.com. Located 100 meters south of the terminal buses. Offers in their restaurant plates to the letter, Caribbean and typical food. From 3/ 12 US$

Restaurant Kelly Creek. Located in the center of the town in the entrance of the park, plates 8/ 14 US$.

Restaurante Vista Mar  Ph +  (506) 2755-0008. Open of 11:00 a.m to 10:00 p.m every day. Specialty in Chinese food, chop suey, rice cantons, chaumin, soups, special plates, casados, seafood, chicken, spaghetti, salads. Cold drinks and heat. They accept credit cards. Parking for the clients. Spanish and English speak.

Hotel Nacional Park Ph +  (506) 2755-0244, Ph +  (506) 2755-0065. www.cahuitanationalparkhotel.com. Located contiguous to the entrance of the park. Its restaurant in the low plant opens from 11:00 a.m to 09:00 p.m, breakfasts 4 US$, lunch 8/ 12 US$ and dinner 8/ 36 US$. All currency exchange is made.

100% Natural coffee Shop. Located in the central street of the town. Decanter service, wines, beer and more.

Pizza N`Love Ph +  (506) 2755-0317. It is a bar restaurant. Open of 07:00 a.m to 11:00 p.m, every day. (Closed tuesday). Pizzas, pastas and paltos to the letter.

Ricky`s Bar Ph +  (506) 2755-0228. www.relaxincahuita.com. Loacetd in the central street of the town. Have 30 different cocktails to 3 US$, the happy hour of 08:00 p.m to 09:00 p.m, live music on Wednesdays (night party) and Saturday (Caribbean night).

Restaurant Relax Ph +  (506) 2755-0322. E-mail: relax-in-cahuita@racsa.co.cr. www.relaxincahuita.com. Loacetd in the central street of the town. Italian specialties and Mexicans the only restaurant in Cahuita where you are assisted by a Italian chef.

Restaurante Natural Breakfast Ingrid Ph + (506) 8393-9129. Open of 07:00 a.m to 08:00 p.m. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, offer milk shakes of fruits.

Restaurante Triángulo Ph + (506) 8887-1325. Open of 07:00 a.m to 10:00 p.m, every day. (Closed Monday). They offer Costa Rican typical food. The breakfast with eggs at 2.70/ 3.10 US$. Lunch and dinner with casado, vegetarian plates, soup of seafood, meat pot, green salad from 3/ 4 US$. Strong plates as: chicken in sauce, breast, bistek, fish fillet from 7/ 9 US$. Eaten quickly: hamburgers, hot dog, sandwich, tacos french fries from 1.60/ 2.50 US$. Drinks heat and cold, gassy, natural milk shakes. They offer chicharrón sandwiches, mixed and other strips more at 2/ 2.20 US$, of 02:00 p.m to 06:00 p.m. Have beer and it surrounds of wine. It is a decorated place and rustic. The confectionery and the queques are elaborated by their proprietors. Assisted by a Swiss and a Costa Rican. They speak Spanish, English and German.

Bar Restaurante Vaz. Located to the side of the terminal of buses. Offers beer, quick, gassy food, fried chicken and has billiards table.

Restaurante Coral Reef Ph +  (506) 2755-0133. Open of 12:00 m.d to 11:00 p.m, every day (closed Wednesday). Their specialties: pargo in coconut milk, shrimps Hawai, Caribbean fillets. It has 110 plates of different styles and international, typical flavors, seafood, red and white meats. Their decoration and presentation of each plate makes them more attractive to the palate. Their chef a Costa Rican with more than 27 years of experience and specialized in all type of foods. They offer cold entrances and heat: meats, seafood to the grill, pastas, rice, desserts, natural drinks, milk shakes, wines beers and liquors. If it is not in the menu what you want, they also get ready it. “The tip is that doesn’t leave anything in its plate”. It is a welcoming and rustic place. Spanish and English speak.

Café El Parquecito Ph +  (506) 2755-0279. Located contiguous to the park of the town. Open of 06:00 a.m to 01:00 p.m, every day. They only serve breakfast and lunch. Among the plates they offer: rooster paints, toasts, crepas, queque, sandwich, omelet, plates of fruits, natural juices. Prices from 3 US$ to 4 US$. Organize tours.

Restaurante & Cabinas Flavor Ph +  (506) 2755-0017. E-mail: flavor-cahuita@hotmail.com. Open of 06:00 a.m to 09:00 p.m of Wednesday to Monday. With special prices for 8 people’s groups. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Eat Caribbean with fish, shrimps, fillet and rice and beans. Eat quick, sandwich and hamburgers, pizza. The special plate of the day (cheap). Drinks: natural milk shakes, coffee, gassy, liquors; they offer the cocktail of the house “Mongo Frowsen”. Tourist information free, service of transport with a buseta for 7 people. The restaurant with Latin atmosphere music and Roots. Spanish and English speak.

The Beach House Bar Restaurante Ph +  (506) 8822-7358. Open of 06:30 a.m to 03:00 p.m and of 06:00 a.m to 12:00 m.n. Handmade Bakery with fresh breads, queques, continental breakfast, américano, and coffee, milk shakes of natural juices, capuchino and expresso. Lunches and quick foods as pizza, hamburgers, vegetarian food. Variety of cocktails. At night it is a bar. Live music on Thursdays, Friday and Saturdays. They impart classes and they rent surf board, boggie board and kayak.

Pizza Pasta Mango Tango. Abierto from 05:30 p.m to 10:00 p.m from Tuesday to Saturday and Sunday of 04:30 p.m to 10:00 p.m (closed Monday). They serve good and variety of pizzas, pastas cooked to the oven.

Restaurant Palenque Luisa Open of 03:00 p.m to 10:00 p.m of Monday to Saturday. The specialty is the pickling. Offers entrances, rice, pastas, casado, eat vegetarian, red and white meats, B.B.Q., shrimps, octopus, fish, lobster, squids, chicken prices from 3 US$ to 18 US$. Natural drinks, cocktails, beer, national liquors and foreigners. It is a very rustic place of 2 floors built in wood; it is an indigenous typical ranch. Spanish and English speak.

Restaurant Cha Cha Cha Ph +  (506) 2755-0476, Ph (506) 8894-4153. Located in the center of the town. Main plates 5/ 12 US$. Open of 11:00 a.m to 11:00 p.m. Located in the terrace of an old house, and it is typically Caribbean.

Restaurante la Fe Ph + (506) 8875 -2054. Open of 07:00 a.m to 11:00 a.m, they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner from 12:00 m.d to 10:00 p.m, every day. Specialty in Caribbean food in coconut sauce, fished entirely, the plate “Bumbata” (mixed of seafood in coconut sauce) at 15 US$. Casado, red and white meat, pasture from 4 US$ to 10 US$. Milk shakes of fruits, coffee, tea, gassy, national liquors and foreigners. Variety of cocktails. Spanish and English speak.

Heladería Galaxy Open of 10:00 a.m to 09:00 p.m, offers variety of ice creams, salad of fruits, Milk shake, ice creams with gelatin, cones, milk shakes natural quick Foods as turnovers, hamburgers and chicken. There is a room of video games.

Restaurante Miss Edith Ph +  (506) 2755-0248. www.centralelements.com/tanostours/ Located in front of the beach. They serve Caribbean plates. The food gets ready to the letter and there are also lobster plates.

Restaurante Sobre las Olas Ph +  (506) 2755-0109. Located in beach near the entrance to the Bº union in front of the beach.  Plates 6/ 14 US$, complete mariscada 36 US$. Open of 12:00 m.d to 10:00 p.m, (closed Tuesday). Has a good Italian chef, cook’s pastures and a selection of seafood? With terrace and views to the sea.