It is a small village that is located some 43 Km to the southeast of Puerto Limón. It is known for its beautiful surrounding beaches, some of which can be found in the Cahuita National Park, there are hotels, restaurants and tourist agencies. The main road is made of sand and one of the main roads is paved stone. Negra Beach, to the north of Cahuita, is a large strip of black sand that is good for swimming. Blanca Beach is situated on the other side of the village, inside the National Park and from there you can take a path that leads to a third beach, 6 Kms away. Three extensions of sand are separated by rocks as well as a coral reef; they are ideal and attractive places for scuba diving. The Estación de Policía (Guardia Rural) Ph (506) 2755-0217/ o el 911) to side Oficina Postal Ph (506) 2755-0096, open of 08:00 a.m to 12:00 m.d and of 01:30 to 05:00 p. m. of Monday to Friday.


Banco de Costa Rica Ph (506) 2755-0396. Located in the commercial center Wayne entrance of the village. Opening of Monday to Friday 08:00 a.m to 04:00 p.m and Saturday of 08:00 a.m to 12:00 m.d, with automatic cashier and currency change.

How to arrive and leave

Transportes Mepe Buses Ph (506) 2257-8129 San José Office. Ph (506) 2750-0023 Puerto Viejo Office Ph (506) 758-1572 Limon office, costs 5 US$, the journey is five hours. Departs from San José: 06:00 a.m,10:00 a.m, 01:30 p.m, 03:30 p.m and 06:00 p.m, to Cahuita 09:30 a.m, 01:30 p.m, 05:00 p.m and 07:00 p.m. Departs from Limón: from 05:00 a.m, then every hour until 06:00 p.m.