Activities Tortuguero

Activities Tortuguero


One day circuits down the Río San Juan and other marine fishing excursions are mainly Nicaraguan. Technically to travel down the river is to enter into the neighboring country, because it is at the limit with Costa Rica on the south bank. You do not need a special visa, although you need to show a passport in some bridges along the Río San Juan.  They only check your passports, but they don’t stamp it, sometimes you need to pay 5 US$ tax. The Nicaraguan village that is at the mouth of the river is San Juan del Norte. There are no hotels, but you can get accommodation in a private house. San Juan del Norte leads to the rest of Nicaragua and there are few passenger boats that travel up the Rio San Carlos, to the Nicaragua Lake; it is not normal to enter this country via this route. Those who choose to travel between Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui and Barra should show your passport at several Nicaraguan Controls.



Fishers can find sábalos between January and June; the best season is from February to May.  There are also róbalos, from September to December, but they are more abundant between September to October. There are other species throughout the year, the barracuda, mackerel and yellow jack, can be found on the coast, whilst the blue agalla, the guapote and the machaca, in the rivers.  In the deep sea waters there is the aguja fish, the sail fish, please follow the rules of fishing and releasing conservation law.


Eddie Brown Silva Ph + (506) 8382-3350/ 8383 6097, fax (506) 2252-4426. Born in  Barra del Colorado and has world fishing record cubera and other fish, as well as other Galardones represented in Costa Rica, is known as the captain of fishing. They have the Bull-shark boat for rent and you can also get accommodation. Fishing in any area of the Atlantic, fully equipped boats.