Where to Surfing?

Where to Surfing?

It is one of the most well known places in the North Pacific; many surfers agree that this is the best right in Costa Rica. It is a completely perfect right point, with off-shore winds almost all year round. Access: Only by boat from Playas del Coco. Tide: Works very nicely with low tide and up coming tide. It also works with high tide, depending on the movement of the sand produced by the mouth of the river and the rain. Swells: North and Northwest. Bottom: Sand and rocks. Feet: 2 to 8. Season: December to March. Stars: 4.

Located in Santa Rosa National Park. Named accordingly because of the sounds that can be heard inside the cracks of this huge rock, which sound similar to the screams of a witch. This rock is located in the north end of Playa Naranjo. To the side of the Naranjo River, there is a small section of river rocks. Crocodiles have been seen at the river mouth and out in the ocean. This beach is known for its perfect peaks and its off-shore winds. With north swells and an off-shore wind it becomes a magical place. Access: By road 4 x 4. Tide: works well with a rising tide. Swells: Works with waves from north to northwest. Bottom: Sandy. Feet: 2 to 8. Season: December to March. Stars: 4.


Naranjo is the next most important beach of those that are in the south of Nancite.  Close to the extreme south of the park, it is known for its good surf, especially close to Witches Rock. It is a popular place to camp and practice sports.

Where to eat and sleep

Camping areas 2 US$ per person, close to the park offices, with installations that include drinking water, picnic benches, barbeques and bathrooms. Beds 20 US$ per person. There are eight bedrooms, each one with a capacity for 8 people and with shared bathrooms. The price does not include meals; each meal costs between 3 and 6 US$, and you will need to ask for them in advance, as well as accommodation. A café sells drinks and some snacks, some there are simple meals or they make lunch.