Where to Sleep & Eat Palo Verde National Park?

Where to Sleep & Eat Palo Verde National Park?

Hacienda Palo Verde Biological Post

Ph (506) 2524-0628, Ph/fax (506) 2524-0629. Ph (506) 2661-4714 Hacienda. Contact: Maria Isabel Salas coordinator de ESINTRO S.A. E-mail: msalas@ots.ac.cr. Reservations: Karol Obando. E-mail: nat-hist@ots.ac.cr www.esintro.co.cr www.ots.ac.cr. Address: Oficinas Sabanilla de Montes de Oca in San José, from  the UNED 200 meters east and 25 meters south, inside the center of investigation at the UCR. The OET (Organization for Tropical Studies) they also run three biological posts in Costa Rica: The forest is recognized as one of the most important centers of investigation of the tropical ecosystem on a world scale; Las Cruces, is the best botanical garden in Costa Rica, and has the most important collection of plants in Central America; and Palo Verde Sanctuary of Central American importance in terms of migratory and native birds, apart from having a unique combination of dry and humid tropical forest, offering more than 15 different habitats. Offering accommodation facilities, meals, and guided walks, bird watching tours, night time tours, bird workshop for beginners, and lectures among other activities. Biological Station dedicated to the investigation, education and conservation of the tropics. Located in the Palo Verde National Park in Guanacaste. Distance from San José 04:00 hours, 230 Km.  Facilities and Activities: Offering rooms equipped with bunk beds, private bathroom and fan. Single/ double 78/ 70 US$, extra 56 US$/ children 5 to 12 years 25 US$. Meals:  there is a dining room with a capacity for 48 people, serving buffet style meals for 9 US$, at set times for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is an option for vegetarians and a lunch box. Others: Gift Shop, Library and Laundry Facilities. Tours: Guided Walks of half a day and a full day from 28 US$ to 48 US$, Mountain bike, boat tours, Early Birding Tour, Night Tour, Workshop Birding, lectures, among others.

Palo Verde Forest Post Ph (506) 2200-0125. There are six rooms with bunk beds for 6 people. At a price of 10 US$ per person, they have a fan with shared bathrooms. You can request food with notice 3.35 US$ per meal.

Cata Tours Palo Verde Nacional Park Ph (506) 2674-0180/ 2674-0505. E-mail: catatour@racsa.co.cr www.catatours.com. The Río Bebedero is of approximately 15 kilometers in length. It is located only 20 minutes away from the entrance of the city of  Cañas. Exact location: 241 kilometres. (150 miles) Northeast of San José on the Autopista Interamericana, between Bebedero and the Tempisque River, 30 kilometers (17 miles) to the West of Cañas. The Río Bebedero is a great attraction because of its location between the border of the Palo Verde National Park,  here you can see a large variety of water birds, monkeys, crocodiles, iguanas, species in danger of extinction, a large amount of flor and fauna, you will be making face to face contact with mother earth.  On the trip you will be able to appreciate two crocodiles, one large (the mother) and another very small one, the famous Basílicos or Gallegos (otenosaura similis), doves, the Ciebo with its large treetops, the Roseate Spoonbill one of the most looked for birds by birdlovers, the heron, el Cara-Cara better knows as the “quebranta huesos,” “bone breaker”, the stork, the ibis, the white garza and the chocuaco and the Congos. During our tour of three hours, you will be able to see six female iguanas accompanied by a male. There are four boats that are equipped with Yamaha motors, year 2003, tents to protect you against the sun, a radio communication system, lifejackets, extinguishers, first aid boxez, each one with a capacity for 32 passengers, a total capacity for 128 passengers. Highly specialized personnel. The Club House has a capacity for 120 people, live music (Marimba), toilets for men and women, fizzy drinks and water for refreshments and 24 hours telephone. The accesses to the installations are completely paved.  Souvenir store. Lunch in the installations of the restaurant “El Gavilán sin Ventura”. What to take: for the tour during the morning take shorts or short trousers, short sleeved or sleeveless shirts, comfortable shoes, for example trainers shoes, Wellington boots, deck shoes or tie up vsandals, sunblock and a hat. For the trip during the afternoon, long trousers and comfortable shoes, for example trainers, wellington boots, deck shoes or tie up sandals, bring your camera. Departure from hotels in the Tamarindo, Flamingo, Conchal, El Coco and the Gulf de Papagayo area includes transport, a trip on a boat and lunch for 75 US$ with a minimum of four passengers (in case it is just two passengers please call us to confirm space). Exit from our installations, including a trip by boat and lunch 59 US$, only the boat 52 US$ per person. All of the tours include: Luxury air conditioning transportation, bilingual guides Spanish / English, boat trip, snack during the trip and lunch. Special prices for groups. We also offer guides in French, Italian, German and Portuguese. .  

Tempisque Eco Adventures Ph (506) 2687-1212, Ph/fax (506) 2687-1110. E-mail: info@tempisqueecoadventures.com. Tours to Parque de Palo Verde by boat, canopy, horseback rides and restaurant service.

River Safari Ph (506) 2667-8510. E-mail: riversafari@hotmail.com. Located  en San Rafael de Paso Tempisque only 30 minutes away from Playa del Coco. Boat tours carried dout along the Tempisque River, half or full day. There is a traditional house where you can stay.