Where to Sleep & Eat Miravalles Volcano?

Where to Sleep & Eat Miravalles Volcano?

Centro Recreativo & Ecológico El Guayacán Ph (506) 2673-0349/ Ph/Cell (506) 8815-5321. E-mail: hotelguayacan@yahoo.es   It has 10  rooms, comfortable and simple but without foregtting a single detail to ensure a pleasent stay, spacious, equipped with bathroom for people with disabilities, with private bathrooms  with hot water, fans, double and single beds, 17 US$ per person, includes accomodation, swimming pool and thermal waters for children and adults, clay baths, little ovens, steam baths. Horseback rides which are unique and exclusive to the area, birdwatching, wide animals such as monkeys and others. There is a restaurant with breakfast, lunch and dinner with traditional meals such as tapioca, fast food, natural juices, coffee and fizzy drinks.   

Centro Turístico Termo Manía Ph (506) 2673-0268/ 673-0233/ Ph/cell (506) 8822-2602. E-mail: thermomania@hotmail.com It has 8 thermal swimming pools, taboggans. Steam baths, natural saunas, spas, volcanic mud, fishing lake, souvenirs, bar-restaurant and museum.  There are 15 rustic cabins with a private bathroom. Some five minutes from the area they made the Animal Ranch, it is a model ranch that is completely ecological, with footpaths through the mountains, look at the sheep, deer, buffalos, chickens, donkeys, and   tepezcuintle, Emus, birds, pass by the dairy farm, the pig farm, the fishing lake, the tour lasts about two hours for a price of 4 US$ per person with guide and explanations There is also a horseback tour.  At the entrance of the restaurant.

Complejo Turístico Termales Yökö  Ph (506) 2673-0410, Ph/fax (506) 2673-0770. E-mail: info@yokotermales.com  www.yokotermales.com. Free yourself from stress in a natural environment!!! It has 12 large and inviting cabins with unique showers of thermal waters, fans, double bed or 2 single, there are 6 terraces with views of the volcanoe.  Single / double/ triple/ quadruple/ quintuple 40/ 67/ 85/ 104/ 121 US$ includes breakfast and the use of the installations. Only entry to the installations 4 US$ per person. Restaurant open from 7:00 a.m to 10:30 p.m with national and international meals, capacity for 100 people, bilingual waiters, excellent cuisine made by a gourmet chef. Traditional breakfast , American and Vegetarian, snaks and starters, main meals, rice, soups, pasta, fast foodm, seafood and drinks. The wet bar is the preffered place to be for bathers who can comfortably sit in the tepid water and enjoy their drinks, to shared with the family and celebrate a party with friends, with good music. The thermal swimming pool is designed for people to enjoy hidromassages, plenty of space to swim and taboggan. Swimming pool that is suitable for children and people with disabilities. There is a swimming pool that is especially designed to give massages in moving water that have favourable temperatures for hidromassages. The Turkish baths or with vapor, also called the hammam (bath, in arabic), which is been practiced for thousands of years, it is a warm bathroom where the temperature is not uniform; on the floor there are between 20 and 25 degrees, a meter and a half some 40 degrees and 50 degrees at head height. It also has a relative height of 99%, which produces the classic steam.   

Termales Miravalles Ph (506) 2673-0294/ celular (506) 8305-4072. Located from the Yoko Tourist Center 600 meters West. Open on Thursdat, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from  8:00 a.m to 10:00 p.m. It has a swimming pool thermal for adults and children, the tabogan with swimming pool, the water is maintained at a temperature of between 38º and 40 º.The ranch is there so that you can bring meals and eat at the picnic tables and have a barbeque.  There are several ranches with tables and chaird in the green area of the property. There are bathrooms and toilets, electricity with an electricity plant. Entry to camp 3 US$ and general entry for adults/ children 2/ 1 US$. There is parking and views of the volcanoe. It is a very tranquil place. 

Las Hornillas Ph (506) 2673-1820/ Celular (506) 8839-9769/ 8822-4665. E-mail: info@lashornillas.com www.lashornillas.com www.miravallesvolcano.com. It is an active crater in Costa Rica that you can walk through. It is a family project, they themselves run the project. One of the treasures of the world: A spa /geological museum and the live pailas , little ovens, smoking cones and the natural mud that is found on the property. You can look at the active crater of approximately 5000 m2. On this part of the tour 70 people can attend and it can be done in approximately 30 minutes. The little ovens are small holes that have clay mud. These pools of mud that have water that oscillates between: 80ºC, 100ºC, and 200ºC. This mud doesn’t smell, and there are three different colours, grey, light brown and yellow. The color indicates the depth of the swimming pool: Light brown mud indicates a depth of two meters, grey mud a depth of a meter and yellow mud that is on the surface and indicates that it is full of sulphur. 

Bar Restaurant Pesca Tilapia. Located 200 south of the center Adventuras canopy Tour. Open for fishing on Saturday and Sunday from 06:00 a.m to 06:00 p.m. It has 5 tanks for fishing 3 US$ per kilo that can only be prepared in a restaurant. With liquor, beer, fizzy drinks and traditional meals. 

Centro de Aventuras Canopy Tour Ph/fax (506) 2673-0697/ Ph (506) 2673-0585 Ph/Cell (506) 8839-9769. E-mail: aventurasmiravalles@yahoo.es Email:info@volcanoadventuretour.com www.volcanoadventuretour.com. Located 7 km to the north of the village Guayabo.With a fantastic service that will make you feel as if you are at home. “My house, is your house”.Canopy Tour: Adventure to the maximum where you will enjoy a natural botancial garden, the beauty of the forest from the top of the trees. You will the adrenalin rush through you as you fly through the trees on a cable. The platforms give a view unlike anywhere else where you can see the trees, plants and animals. It has 14 platforms, 12 cables and a suspended bridge that has an extension of 1.148 mts. The priority of this tour is your safety; on no occasion will you be in danger. The experienced guides will asure that you are safe and always connected to a safety point.  This has been designed for people of all ages including children. The duration of tour is from 2 ½ horas includes guides and water, cost from 30 US$ per person.

Estación Biológica Rincón de Piedra Lodge Ph (506) 8827-7151/ 8302-1676. La Fortuna de Bagaces, from the Geothermic Plants of Miravalles 500 meters south and 1km east. It has two rustic cabins with a private bathroom, one for six people and another for twelve people at 30 US$. It is located inside the mountains with footpaths of 2 ½ km for walks and a trip to the trapiche, a sugar mill, you will be able to see monkeys, birds and other species, there is an area where there is a restaurant serving traditional food. It is a propert if 58 hectares.