Surfing in Boca Barranca – Caldera – Doña Ana

Surfing in Boca Barranca – Caldera – Doña Ana

Central Pacific Surf Spots goes from Puntarenas Surf Spot N° 42 Boca Barranca up to N° 75 Uvita: This zone is known for being the most consistent of all, because of its geographical position; it catches the swells from the south, southwest, north and northwest. Although, in the months of September through to March the swells tend to be smaller, the conditions are much better. During rainy season in the months of March through to September the zone captures swells from all directions. Even though the pacific coast is not blessed with off shore winds it is almost guarantied to have great conditions early in the mornings and late afternoons.


This is the third longest left in the world. It is a left with a run of approximately 950 meters with big swells from the South. Access: By land. Tide: Is better to surf with low tide. Swells: Works much better with swells from the South. It also captures from the Northwest. Bottom: River rocks. Feet: 2 to 10. Season: All year. Stars: 4.


This is a small left with short, good and juicy runs. Access: By land. Tide: Low. Swells: South and Northwest. Bottom: Sand and Rocks. Feet: 1 to 4. Season: All year. Stars: 2.


This wave breaks off a river mouth. It is not very consistent. It is a left point with occasional rights. The wave is good but is a short run. Access: By land. Tide: Low. Swells: Northwest and South. Bottom: Sand. Feet: 2 to 6. Season: All year. Stars: 3.