Isla of Coco National Park

Isla of Coco National Park

Isla del Coco National Park

Coco Island, curiously coconut trees are not very abundant on this Pacific Ocean Island, 550 Km to the southeast of the city of Puntarenas and 650 km, to the north east of the Galapagos Island. From the port of Puntarenas it takes 36 hours to get here at a speed of night knots. It has an extension of 2.400 hectares on land and 97.235 in the sea. The island is considered to be a natural laboratory for the study of the evolution of species.


There is a forest post and you need permission to visit. There are several footpaths, it is prohibited to camp.  Visitors must spend the night on their boats, entry to the park costs 35 US$ a day per person.


Undersea Hunter Ph (506) 2228-661/ 2228-6535, fax (506) 2289-7334. E-mail: There are two boats, the Sea Hunter, 36 meters long, with a capacity for 18 people with 8 cabins with private bathrooms. And the Undersea Hunter which is 28 meters long and is for 14 passengers, there are 7 cabins with private bathrooms. The package per person included the stay on the boat for 11 days and 10 nights; including transport from San José to Puntarenas and returning; including all meals, non alcoholic drinks and beer; scuba diving guide service; from 3 to 4 scuba dives a day with fish and tanks and 7 days scuba diving. The cost per person is from 3.345 US$, plus 245 US$, per person for the entrance to the park.