Caldera Beach and Mata Limón Estuary

It is located approximately 14 kilometes from Puntarenas. The beach is 3km long and with black sand; with strong waves. The Coyolar is where you can observe the scenic beauty of this area. It is very well conserved; there is also a pier where cruis ships often dock.

Mata de Limón

It is a very popular tourist complex. It is close to the Puerto de Caldera, and the buses from  Puntarenas to Caldera arrive here. The turnoff is located 1km to the south of the Doña Ana beach. The river divides it into two parts; the lagoon and the majority of tourist facilties are located on the south bank. You can use speedboats; it is a small and quiet space, with some cabins and very good restaurants that serve sea food as well as other dishes. From here onwards is called the Costanera Sur, not including Orotina and the Iguana Park.

How to arrive and leave


The buses that go to Caldera Port (also pass by Dona Ana Beach and Mata de Limon) leave from the central market in Puntarenas, approximately every hour and leave the city by Central Avenue.The buses from Caldera pass by the entrance.


If you come from San Jose, you have to arrive at El Roble town, crossing a bridge for cars, continue along this same bridge for 300 mts, there you will find  a small turn to the left over a railroad line. Turn left and then right, it will be signposted on the right hand side. After driving for one more kilometer, you will arrive at the bridge over the Barranca River Mouth. If you are coming from the center of Puntarenas turn right, before arriving at the bridge for cars. If you are coming from Jaco you will then have to reach the bridge and then take the deviation under the bridge, taking the right hand route to access the main road until you get to Caldera and then to the  Barranca River Mouth.