This is one of the biggest islands inside of the archipelago – here you can find the quiet village of Old Bank, the indigenous community of Quebrada de Sal and the National Marine Park “Isla Bastimentos”. This is also the home of the Red Frog Beach Complex and many paradise-like beaches. Old Bank is a small village with few inhabitants, the majority of which are descendants of the Antillean workers who came to grow bananas. It can be reached from the mainland by paying $5 for a 10 minute boat ride. The locals speak a unique dialect called Guari-Guari, which is based on English with a patois accent and mixed with Spanish and indigenous dialects. There are several impressive eco-lodges within the forest and among the mangroves. If you are looking for exquisite gastronomic offerings, ecological trails, snorkeling, and a pool with hills and forest landscapes visible from the water on a farm of more than 4 hectares, you can find them in Bahia Honda.


This location is more distant, and can be reached by taking a boat trip through the mangroves. It is one of the best ways to see the unique territories of the Isla Bastimentos National Marine Park. You can see sloths, howler monkeys, tropical birds, frogs, caimans and tropical bats among many other species. Some of the best beaches of the archipelago are located on Isla Bastimentos, but almost all of these are exposed to the tide – be careful about rip tides if you decide to bathe. It is also impossible to get there directly by boat in certain months of the year.


The nearest beach to Old Bank and Bocas Town is Wizard Beach. Wizard Beach is a long beach, it is located about 45 minutes from Old Bank on foot on a path that begins at the end of the village and crosses the island. From Playa Wizard you can hire a boatman (when the waves aren’t too big) to take you to Polo Beach, where there is an amazing coral reef perfect for snorkelling and diving. This is a site of ecological importance for the leatherback turtles who arrive to deposit their eggs between the months of February and August.


Playa Red Frog is easily accessible- take a boat to the Red Frog marina and after paying your $ 3 entrance per person, walk about 15 minutes on a well-maintained path. The Red Frog complex offers Bungalows, a hostel, a tent hotel, a canopy zipline tour, and several restaurants.